Day 1

I’m Jameelah, a 20-something-year-old ATLien living in NYC.  For the past year, I’ve been working with Michaela and co to help bring MAD FREE to black women everywhere - from BK to Paris to the internet and beyond...  So, as the resident millennial in MAD FREE, I’ll be keeping it MAD REAL on this blog from week-to-week.  First things first, it’s time to pop some champagne because...

MAD FREE is finally free and we hope it  gives you life.

It’s taken some time, but the journey was well worth it.  This site has been - let’s just say, a labor of ALL the things...

Sisterhood.  This site would not have been possible without the beauty and power in black women coming together.  MAD FREE is for and about black women, and a way of celebrating our sisterhood is by calling on one another first.  After speaking at the Black Women in Computing Conference at Howard University (#BlackComputeHER), MAD was connected with our brilliant site-maker, Cyntrica Eaton.  

Collaboration. Every step of the way has been taken with black women.  Our Production Manager, Copy Editor, Graphic Designer, everyone.  Black. Women. Get. Shit. Done.  We all know this. (#NinetyFourPercent)

Frustration.  We’ve been trying to have a site made for about a year! It just took a while to find the right person, who understood our vision and could bring it to life. (We appreciate you C!)

So welcome to our MAD FREE Life! We’re MAD happy you came - you’re in a space that was designed for YOU.   MAD FREE is #HereForBlackWomen

Shine On,